Usability evaluation of hong kong hotel

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Usability Evaluation of Hong Kong Hotel Websites PhD Research Proposal Tom Au Yeung School of Hotel & Tourism Management, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong 1.

Usability measurement of web-based hotel reservation systems. [0177]

Problem Definition The Internet, especially the World Wide Web (WWW or Web), has had a great impact on the hospitality and tourism industry in recent years.

Volume 22, Number 12 (December ) pp A SPECIAL SECTION Selected Peer-Reviewed Articles from the Advancement on Informatics, Business and Management. Rancilio Group is a company of great tradition and prestige, engaged in the production of professional coffee machines of groundbreaking technology and design.

The company recently joined the Ali Group, one of the most important operators on the global market for catering equipment, whose products are used in leading hotel and restaurant chains, independent restaurants, hospitals, schools. developed to measure the usability of hotel Web sites.

The research evaluated the Web sites of all members of the Hong Kong Hotels Association. Empirical evidence showed that minor problems of usability existed on the Web sites of Hong Kong hotels, and no significant difference was found among luxury, mid-priced, and economy hotels.

Chung and Law () HWs Hong Kong Quantitative Practitioners N Facilities, customer Website performance A conceptual Content analysis contact, reservations, framework of hotel combined with R.

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Law et al. / Tourism Management 31 () – surrounding area, and website performance weighted established management of evaluation factors.

Usability evaluation of hong kong hotel
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