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Uniforms of the Canadian Armed Forces

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The Green Light Cafe

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Colored Stone Pictures

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NF - Green Lights Lyrics

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(Choose 1 or 2 slices) Fresh avocado with lemon, diced tomato, sea salt, dash of cayenne pepper, on sprouted sesame toast. CAF is growing and gaining recognition thanks to Country Music Artists and their staunch support.

Events are posted on CAF. Thanks to all our sponsors and all of the country artists who give of their time and talent to save our children! Gale Goodman-Floyd, a retired Air Force officer, found the space in a year-old home in Bracken Village, transformed it into a restaurant and opened last August.

The Atrium Café in Ohio University’s Grover Center has joined a handful of other Ohio eateries in achieving a “green” certification from the Green Restaurant Association, a national.

My band green light caf
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