Minor prophet micah

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The Book of Micah

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Micah, Prophet of Justice. Twelve Minor Prophets. Literary Prophets. Nevi'im, Jewish Prophets. Jewish Bible. The Tanakh. Jewish Texts.

Micah (prophet)

"Micah, however, was a rustic prophet with a rural ministry while city-bred Isaiah devoted his prophetic efforts to the population and court of Jerusalem" (Schultz, The Old Testament Speaks). "Hence he was not in as close touch with international politics as was his contemporary, Isaiah.

The Minor Prophets or Twelve Prophets (Aramaic: תרי עשר ‎, Trei Asar, "Twelve"), occasionally Book of the Twelve, is the last book of the Nevi'im, the second main division of the Jewish Tanakh.

c) Their contrast with Micah who is the true prophet () Here we have a contrast between Micah and the false prophets. As for me, I'm going to be God's prophet and tell people what they need to hear. This is the attitude that we need to have.

Micah (prophet)

The prophet Micah delivers grim warnings, and forecasts war and punishment to those who will not obey. He focuses on sin and the destruction it brings.

The Book of Micah

Yet, despite the impending doom, Micah also predicts deliverance and peace. How does his message of utter despair contrasted with joyful hope and the promise of restoration, apply to us. The prophet Micah identified himself by his hometown, called Moresheth Gath, which sat near the border of Philistia and Judah about twenty-five miles southwest of Jerusalem.

Minor prophet micah
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What type of prophet was Micah