Mexican paper decorations

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Paper Decorations With Mexican Style

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Since Mexican was our theme, I thought of those tissue paper flowers I have seen so many times in Mexico and thought they would make cute party decor. I started Googling how to make tissue paper flowers and found this site which even featured a how to video! Making tissue paper flowers for party decorations is SO easy and SO cheap!

Cilantro sprigs, homemade tortilla chips, cotija cheese, and slices of avocado are the perfect garnishes for a Mexican-inspired soup. At dinner, put out a set of small bowls or ramekins, each with a different ingredient, so your guests can mix and match to their personal tastes.

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How to Make Mexican Paper Flowers. Mexican paper flowers are decorations made from crepe paper or tissue paper. These are cheap and easy to make, perfect for children's craft projects and party favors.


Roll green paper into a stem. Lay out.

Mexican paper decorations
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