Bancassurance in asia

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Jun 19,  · And in Asia, insurance penetration is so low that having access to a bank's ready customer base is a double plus. Life Savings Premium growth has been robust in many Asian. Adviser Connect formed an exclusive partnership with SCOR Global Life in to provide a best in class underwriting solution, Velogica, to SGL’s customers in Asia.

Taking advantage of the recent IRDA regulations pertaining to health insurance, Canara Bank and Apollo Munich Health Insurance today announced that they are joining hands to provide health insurance to Canara Bank customers across the country.


The level of bancassurance activity varies dramatically between the world’s countries and major regions. Having been pioneered in Europe, bancassurance has made its way across the world as an increasingly important distribution channel within the global insurance industry, holding an ever higher.

For Business & Institutions For Brokers & Consultants About MetLife. Outline a) Asia on the Globe: World of Figures. Crises and Change b) Myth of Asia As A Single Region c) India & China on the World Stage d) Current Market Conditions e) Changing Perceptions of Insurance.

Bancassurance in asia
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