Assessment of technology transfer

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Goals of Technology Transfer Is a valuable step in the developmental life cycle leading to successful commercial manufacturing To take all the gathered knowledge and.

Nowadays technology transfer projects are a reality in the pharma markets. For several reasons, manufacturing process and related activities (i.e. analytical, development, quality, operation excellence) are moved intra companies and inter companies.

Available as both a print workbook and online module, this inexpensive tool is designed to assist TTOs, technology managers, commercialization officers, business development managers, investors, and anyone involved in the assessment, triage, and commercialization of research and technology.

If the technology receives a favorable screening, next steps may include filing patent applications and moving the invention to the assessment stage of the technology transfer process. If patent applications are considered for inventions, you may be asked to provide information to outside legal counsel to support the patenting process.

IAN subcontractors include Technology Assessment and Transfer (TA&T), a materials science R&D firm that will provide technical assistance on electromagnetic shielding materials and components of energy storage systems; DC Fusion/ Power Analytics that will provide support for direct current microgrids and modeling software for the design and.

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Available as both a print workbook and online module, this inexpensive tool is designed to assist TTOs, technology managers, commercialization officers, business development managers, investors, and anyone involved in the assessment, triage, and commercialization of research and technology.

Assessment of technology transfer
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