Anthropometric sizing

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Anthropometric data is a collection of the dimensions of the human body and are useful for apparel sizing, forensics, physical anthropology and ergonomic design of. Anthropometric measurements are done as part of your FCI, IFCII, MFS, or specialty evaluation requested by HQ AETC.

The anthropometric device at Wright Patterson AFB is extremely accurate and is the only device accepted by the USAF to determine waiver eligibility.

Define anthropometry. State three standards which must be met for measurement to be useful. Identify sources of measurement errors. Definition of Anthropometry Anthropometry is the measurement of the size, weight, and proportions of the human body.

A set of devices, including a GPM anthropometer (GPM, Switzerland), beam calipers (rearranged pieces of the anthropometer), a digital scale, a stool, and a computer, was used to.

Anthropometrics literally means man (anthro) measurements (metric). It is the measurement of the size and proportions of the human body, as well as parameters such as reach and visual range capabilities. The second part contains easy-to-read, illustrated anthropometric tables, which provide the most current data available on human body size, organized by age and percentile groupings.


Also included is data relative to the range of joint motion and body sizes of children.

Anthropometric sizing
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