Afgnan food culture

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Afghan cuisine

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Culture of Afghanistan

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Afghanistan translates to "Land of the Afghans" or "Place of Afghans" in the nation's official languages, Pashto and Dari.

Afghanistan food is very unique and delicious.

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Its believed that Afghan food is one of the top South Asian foods with a very nice looking and yummy taste. From the taste of (Qabeli Pallaw) Rice with chopped fried carrots and raison to (Ashak, Mantoo), veggie and non veggie dumplings and it’s.

Introduction to Afghan Food Culture Talk about Afghanistan, and most people get the misconception that this is a country that does not have much to offer. Afghanistan food or Afghan food is a unique South Central Asian food with yummy taste.

Afghanistan is known from it's food and hospitality to it's beautiful carpets and handmade products to the world. Unlike food from its neighbors to the east, the spices used in Afghan dishes, are neither too hot nor pungent, and in contrast to its western neighbors, Afghan food is not bland.

In fact, many western travelers find the foods of Afghanistan a perfect blend of exoticness and good taste. Cooking and food have a very important role in Afghan culture.

Unexpected guests might be seen as rude or an imposition in western culture. Everything You Need To Know About Afghan Food Everything You Need To Know About Afghan Food Plus, a guide to America's best Afghan restaurants.

Afghan restaurants offer a real-time alternatives to CNN for those interested in the rich Central Asian culture of Afghanistan without most of the political overtones.

Afgnan food culture
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